Disney has just unveiled a collector’s edition set for TRON: Evolution, which as you can see contains a light cycle and nifty plastic case for it. It looks like a pretty cool little toy and sure to be quality, as Sideshow Collectibles is behind it. Do you still have the original light cycles on your shelves?

Here’s a closer look at the light cycle.

TRON: Evolution hits stores on December 7th to cash in on the film, a third person action/adventure title from the guys behind the latest Turok. Is this set worth 130 bucks? Only the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game come in this packaging, sorry PC and Wii owners!

However, Disney hasn’t left Wii folks in the dark, as they’ve got a collector’s edition of Epic Mickey coming out in November. This bundle that comes with decals for your console, a faceplate for your remote and a figurine of Mickey for 70 bucks. Check it out.