I’m as proud to be part of this promotion as much or more than any I’ve been involved with in the past, and that includes when I was able to give readers an XBOX 360, autographed goods, or even a PS2 (yeah, we’re an old site). This is a completely different animal.

One of my favorite movies, one I’ve only seen on the big screen twice… in its extended version and one with some new enhancements we’ve never seen before. A movie that came out when I was a year and a half old and one I have very close to me for my entire life.

The Exorcist. The big one. A rare film that no sequel, Prequel, Beginning, or time itself could ever tarnish. And funnily enough, I love the tweaks and enhancements. William Friedkin is the anti-Lucas.

Dig the details:

“What an excellent day for an exorcism!” The scariest film of all time
is coming back to the big screen for a special one-night event, courtesy
of NCM Fathom and Warner Home Video. For the first time in ten years,
The Exorcist
will be in theatres along with never-before-seen on-set footage from
the making of the film and interviews with director William Friedkin,
writer William Peter Blatty and members of the original cast and crew.
See the classic that still haunts and unsettles like no other, for one
night on Thursday, September 30th.

This event will go behind the scenes of
The Exorcist in a way
you never thought possible. Audiences will be treated to
never-before-seen footage shot on the set during production to learn how
many legendary scenes were created.  This exclusive content shown after
the event will also include special interviews with William Friedkin
and Linda Blair. Don’t get cast out! Buy your tickets to
The Exorcist Extended Director’s Cut Event today!

I am so jazzed for this. One of the most quotable, scary, effective, and classical horror films of all time has a very special feel when seen in the dark in a theater without cell phones [theoretically], the distractions of home, and the reality and comfort they bring. As evidenced by this weekend, people still have a big appetite for exorcism in the movies and nothing comes even close to the one that started it all. So, I implore you to use the link below and see if your town is participating because I’ll be there and I’ll hopefully have a nice group of pals with me. I’d like to get a nice turnout, especially since we have a cute little commercial for CHUD that’ll play before the movie. Of course, that commercial is at the bottom of this page too… but September 30th’s going to be a blast. Come support Pazuzu and CHUD.com all at once!