Did you know the same Oscar-nominated gentleman who co-wrote Up In The Air with Jason Reitman also wrote the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning? Said gentleman goes by the name of Sheldon Turner and he has more recently written a buddy comedy with “an updated Lethal Weapon flavor” that has attracted the attention of the increasingly impossibly scheduled Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Based on a pitch from earlier in the decade that positioned the film as a starring-vehicle for The Rock, the screenplay sets two cops, and their retired policeman fathers (also partners) against a particularly difficult case. Nothing is mentioned about casting on the two father cops, but some well-chosen actors could set the stage for another popular foursome film that Hollywood seems so enamored with since the success of The Hangover.

Turner got a hell of a payday for the script, and among the many producers is Reynolds’ own Dark Trick films, so this should definitely be finding its way into the schedule of the shooting-star leading man.

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Thanks to Brian Henne