Codemasters isn’t known for making great games, although the games they develop themselves are always better than the trash they publish. This makes the following real-life comparison video of their upcoming F1 2010, courtesy of motorthusiast, notable for several reasons:

(Update: in case it isn’t obvious, the game footage is the one with the video-gamey HUD display.)

Hey, even though it’s a low-res clip and the viewable screen is drenched in mud, F1 2010 does sorta kinda look like real life! If you squint!

Since it’s from Codemasters, there’s a good chance that nobody will play it, so F1 2010’s legacy might rest entirely in that video. Other upcoming racing games – Gran Turismo 5, for example – are also marketing their titles using real-life comparison videos. Have we reached the point where racing games can officially trick the eyes?

F1 2010 arrives on September 22nd.