Genre maven Neil Marshall, director of Dog Soldiers, The Descent, and CHUD pick of the week, Centurion, has locked into a new film, and it isn’t Burst, the 3D spontaneous combustion flick he’d been rumored to be working on with Raimi’s Ghost House. Deadline reports that his next project will be Underground.

While that sounds like it could’ve been another title for The Descent, the “underground” it is referring to is less literal. The script was written by David Cohen – though Deadline doesn’t specify which of the many David Cohens working in the biz he is; I will pretend he’s the David Cohen that wrote Friday the 13th: A New Beginning – and tells the story of “an ambitious young chef who ventures into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine.

I’m getting a The Freshman vibe here. Though with Marshall being involved I think it is safe to say this one won’t be about pretending to eat a komodo dragon. I’m gonna guess there is some cannibalism involved here, among other things. Each of Marshall’s films have been worthy of watching thus far, so I see no reason to assume Underground will be any different.