Apparently Alex Kurtzman isn’t satisfied with cashing monster checks for writing and producing big Hollywood blockbusters and executive producing TV shows such as Fringe.  He’s got to sit in the big chair, which is what he’ll be doing for his upcoming Welcome To People.  He wrote script six years ago with partner Roberto Orci and documentary filmmaker, Jody Lambert (Of All the Things).  People centers on a twentysomething man who, after the death of his
father, must deliver $150,000 in cash to an alcoholic sister he didn’t
know he had as well as her son, a 12-year-old with major anger
management issues (at one point, he tries to blow up his middle
school’s pool). The man doesn’t want to part with the money but still
reaches out to them without telling them who he really is.

Kurtzman was once in the running to direct Jack Ryan 4.0.  This project, however, has been set up with Dreamworks.  In the meantime, Kurtzman and Orci are ridiculously busy with film and TV projects upcoming, including Cowboys and Aliens, the Star Trek sequel, Transformers Prime TV series, a project with Shane Salerno, 2:22, the aforementioned Fringe and also Hawaii Five-O and reportedly Matt Helm, Xombie and a bunch of other shit you need to pay IMDB to see.