Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff, who wrote the surprisingly good Kung Fu Panda, are changing senseis for their next project.  The duo have landed the gig for the Karate Kid sequel.  No word was given why original writer, Christopher Murphey, who got his big break on the project, wasn’t returning.  In addition to writing features, Voris and Reiff were also executive producers on the TV series Sleeper Cell, Eleventh Hour and Brimstone.  They’re most recently known for scripting Nottingham, which eventually became this year’s Robin Hood.

The Karate Kid kicked the shit out of the box office, grossing over $280 million from a budget of just $40 million.  There are so far not many details on which direction the Jaden Smith-starring sequel will go, whether it will stay in China, move back to the U.S., or replace Smith with Hilary Swank.