Unfortunately for me, I just don’t seem to see enough movies in the vein of Katie Aselton’s upcoming film, The Freebie, very small films with affecting performances.  But I think I’m going to have to do something about that when it premieres on September 17th via Phase 4 Films, who picked up the project right after its premiere at Sundance.  Aselton is an actress who made her directorial debut with this, a tale about a couple who decide to give each other the go-ahead for one night stands.  It sounds like a two-way Indecent Proposal, but without the benefit of a six-figure check.  Dax Shepard co-stars as her husband. 

Aselton has recently appeared in the TV series, The League, The Office and Undressed.  She also has Jeff Who Lives at Home with Jason Segal and Susan Sarandon upcoming for 2011.  Shepard has most recently appeared in When in Rome and is currently co-starring in NBC’s Parenthood

Check out the trailer for The Freebie, which is below.

via THR.com, Yahoo! Movies