Have you been watching Louie? You know, Louis C.K.’s new show on FX that’s easily the funniest thing on tv? You’re missing out on some true excellence if you haven’t, a hysterical yet bleak show that’s different than any other out there.

Last Sundance one of the big hits was his concert film Hilarious, which is actually getting a limited theatrical release. Hold your breath while you read this list of eight cities that it will be playing- Austin; Boston; Chicago; Los Angeles; New York City; Philadelphia; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C. The film will screen on September 8th, with cable channel Epix (and possibly Netflix?) debuting the film on September 18th, and a dvd and tv airing to come via Comedy Central next year.

This isn’t his first concert film, of course- there’s also there was also his 2006 HBO special Shameless and his 2008 Showtime special Chewed Up, which won an Emmy and is a great primer on some challenges you will face as the father of a baby girl, let me tell you…

But Hilarious is the first going to theaters. Very exciting for the man, who I hope comes back to The Comedy Cellar once in a while (best comedy club in NYC, by the way).

Tickets for the film go on sale today, keep an eye on Louie CK’s official site for theater listings and to pick up tickets. If you can’t make it, you might be able to see him live, as he’s about to embark on another tour.

Check Nick’s interview with the man and hope that your facial muscles are in shape for all the laughing you’re going to be doing.

Thanks to Timothy for the tip!