As you may or may not know, there are some serious talks in the NFL about expanding the regular season from 16 games to 18 games, and cutting the pre-season down to just two games within a couple of years.  Of course, with the labor agreement renewal looming for next year, that’s sure to be one of the more hot-button topics for discussion.  If that expansion does happen, there’s speculation that the Oscars could move back to Mondays starting in 2013.  The awards show used to be on Mondays until 1999, when it switched to Sundays. 

Bruce Davis, exec director for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences commented on the situation: “It’s obviously something we’re keeping a close eye on,” Davis said. “Yes, it’s a concern for us…. We’re always happy to talk to the sports entities, but this is a going
to be a tough one,” he said. “It’s hard for them to take us into
And on the subject of a move to Mondays in February vs. Sundays in March: “I think our inclination would be to go earlier rather than later, but
we need to see,” he said. “There’s no rule it has to be on a Sunday. …
We’re looking at a lot of different options.” 
Sundays, Mondays, whatever.  The Oscars show will still be longer than any two NFL games.

And, in other quickie NFL news, DirecTV said that they will start streaming their NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go via the Internet, Phones and PDAs as an alternative to people, such as those who live in apartments, who can’t get dishes.  The price is $350. 

I live for the NFL, but I think I’ll just stick with the shitty Raiders games we have to suffer through here in the afternoon and Cris Collinsworth’s snarky mug in the evening on Sundays.

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