If you’ve spent any time on the web you know Everything Is Terrible – the website devoted to the weirdest, strangest and funniest found footage in the world. What you may not know is that the mysterious beings behind EIT have put together their second feature length found footage movie, which is called 2 Everything 2 Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift. And we want to give you copies of it on DVD.

And there’s more if you live in LA! This weekend Everything is Terrible is putting on Everything is Festival at the Silent Movie Theater, a weekend long blast of madness that features not just Everything is Terrible but comedy legends like Rob Schrab (creator of Scud: The Disposable Assassin) and Dan Harmon (creator of the brilliant TV show Community), and Human Giants Paul Scheer and Rob Schrab. There will be dance parties, costume contests, BBQ, beer, found footage battle royales and a screening of the ultra weird Miami Connection, presented by the Alamo Drafthouse. Check out this trailer for Miami Connection:

We have three sets of weekend passes to give away to this once in a lifetime event, hosted by the Cinefamily. You can enter to win either DVDs or tickets, and if you’re entering to win tickets PLEASE make sure you live in or near LA, or will be in LA this weekend. Just send me an email at devin@chud.com with either EIT DVD or EIT TIX in the subject line.

Click here to see the entire schedule of the weekend long Everything is Terrible. Be there or be somewhere else!