Behold! The things I accomplish when I’m done with my food and take a moment to send it out of my world.

What I’m saying is that Angry Birds is the best toilet game ever invented. Nick agrees.

An incredibly popular and addicting iPhone app, Angry Birds has been downloaded something like 20 million times in all its different forms, and leads the application charts in dozens of countries. Fucking thing is about launching birds at pigs and it’s made millions upon millions. Variety has a fairly extensive piece today about Rovio, the company behind the game, and their aggressive pursuit to become the first to exploit a runaway hit mobile franchise. They are currently making the rounds, investigating any and all ancillary rights. Naturally, these include theatrical motion picture possibilities, and this prospect seems to interest Mikael Hed (Rovio CEO) most of all. Specifically he would “prefer an adaptation that resembles the claymation features for which Aardman Animation has become known.” One that would emulate Pixar’s ability to “take an unknown brand and make it big.”

The game works by being a silly, well-designed experience with a striking visual style, and a fun audio atmosphere, so it at least has more going for it than say, Connect Four  or whatever other fucking board game is being branded onto a barely related film. A cute animated flick about angry birds could be a fun watch, especially if they resisted the urge to make the birds talk and focused on making it vivid and expressive. This is a long way from actually happening however, but the game is a legitimate hit so I could see some Rovio getting some traction going for this…

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