I guess this is as good a place to make another announcement as any: While my last day at CHUD is Friday, I will be back at the end of September, covering Fantastic Fest in all its glory for the site. Yes, you’ll have a chance to read my reviews and thoughts about the best film festival in the world, right here at my original home.

While I’m there I’ll be watching as four brave souls attempt the ultimate Rolling Roadshow. The Alamo’s Rolling Roadshow brings movies to locations where they were filmed or where they’re set; for one of Fantastic Fest’s gala screenings – Buried, a midnight hit at Sundance – they’ll be bringing four lucky viewers into the movie… by showing it to them while they’re buried alive.

“The Rolling Roadshow is all about finding that unique film viewing experience with the perfect combination of movie and setting.  It’s traditionally been a communal experience of seeing a film outdoors with hundreds of people.  But for this event, we’re putting an even cooler twist on the concept, because some movies are perfect for seeing while buried,” said Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League. 

Do you have what it takes to watch Buried while buried? The claustrophobic need not apply. If you do want to apply, RSVP here at the Facebook event page. Four RSVPers will be chosen at random, and they’ll get to attend the gala afterparty… should they survive their ordeal.