When I recently moved into a new apartment, my roommates and I made the
decision that we wouldn’t be activating any sort of cable plan, and
Martin Scorsese is single-handedly making me deeply question that
choice. Collaborating with HBO, he’s produced (as the lead creative
producer, and director of the pilot) what appears to be a truly stunning series of television. Terence Winter (The Sopranos) is responsible
for adapting the series from a book by Nelson Johnson, and he’s done so
in what appears to be a sprawling, large-scale manner. Stever Buscemi is
front-and-center as “Nucky” Thompson, and he’s supported by an enormous
number of greats.

has been generous with the early looks at the show, having release
several trailers and TV spots already, and now they’ve put out a
lengthy, detailed look into the world the series will be exploring. The scale of the production is impressive, to say the least. The
14 minute piece is embedded below, along with a number of other spots
from HBO’s YouTube channel.

you’re like me and have ditched cable, you may consider making a friend
with someone still clinging to the ancient, antiquated paradigm of
premium cable subscriptions (you know, the ones that make it convenient
to watch amazing shit).

Let us know if you’re excited about Boardwalk Empire, and how you’ll be watching it on the CHUD MESSAGE BOARD.