A teaser trailer has emerged for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, the film about Aron Ralston, that real life guy who went hiking in a canyon in Utah and got his arm trapped under a boulder for exactly that length of time. He only escaped with his life by breaking the bones in his arm and slicing through the flesh with a dull Leatherman knock-off. Ooops, spoiler!

The film stars James Franco as the soon-to-be-amputee, and while this trailer certainly shows his free-wheelin’ party boy side, it’s gotta take some real grit, determination and delirium to cut off your own goddamn arm. This is the kind of film that will completely rely on the performance of the lead, so let’s see if Franco’s got it.

Click the image to check it out.

Franco under a boulder, Reynolds in a coffin- is “Trapped Prettyboys” going to become a new subgenre?