After Dark Films is known more for its mostly lackluster yearly film fests, but the company has been getting into producing their own genre flicks. But they’re looking onward and upward for their own output! Case in point- they’ve announced that they’ve managed to nab Jim Caviezel for their latest venture, Transit.

Transit revolves around a group of thieves on the run from a bank robbery that come across a suburban family going on a camping trip. The thieves stash their stolen cash in the family’s SUV at a rest stop and then pursue the hapless family into the woods to retrieve their goods. Caviezel will play the protective father and presumably be tasked to defend his family against the intruders.

The film will be directed by Antonio Negret (Towards Darkness) and also stars James Frain (Tron: Legacy), Elisabeth Rohm (Heroes), Harold Perrineau (Lost) and Diora Baird (boobies!).

Via THR.