So, first off, I’m wasted.

I understand this blog is not quite as focused on quality film discussion as other blogs. But I think that’s fine. I like those blogs, and read them, though I’ve yet to really comment on them. However, I think we need a blog from someone like me. The everyday joe who isn’t so deep, or at least doesn’t play at being that way.

That said, I was almost in two Bruce Willis movies. Who else can lay claim to such non-fame? That’s right, not you.

Way back when I was a toddler of the age of toddlers, my father was an extra in Die Hard 2: Die Harder (and screw you if you don’t use that subtitle). He’s one of the firefighters helping people off of the plane at the end. I guess the filmmakers scouted out his Coast Guard crew for film work. Anywho, they also asked my mother if her adorable baby boy would like to be in the film, sliding down the plane’s emergency exit and such. She said no, it was too cold and took me home.

Some years later, after telling me this story, I had to wonder…why would you tell me this? I mean, you deprived me of Die Hard fame!!! That’s shame of the highest order. My chance to be somehow related to Bruce Willis was ruined.

Until we moved to Virginia (this is skipping over living in California where I was both a toddler and reported to the police for assault. Yeah, I was a hardcore kid). It was there my father and I applied to have small background parts in The Jackal. And we wold have been in it, as they called us to tell us where to be and when…too bad my grandmother erased the message they left on our machine before we could replay it and write down the info. Yes, my family has deprived me of two Bruce Willis films (of varying quality, I’ll admit).

As such, it is my life-long goal to appear in a movie starring the one and only Bruno.

Here’s hoping it works out.