Bruce Campbell recently talked to MTV about the upcoming Blu-ray release of Evil Dead, a topic the man must certainly never tire of, and they actually managed to get some interesting info out of him.

Way back in January Campbell announced a sequel to My Name is Bruce entitled Bruce Vs. Frankenstein. Nothing much has been revealed plotwise but you can just assume where it goes from the title. His plan was to start shooting the film this Fall between seasons of Burn Notice but that’s all changed thanks to a new project he’s doing.

“I’m making a ‘Burn Notice’ TV movie instead about my character. It’s a prequel movie about how Sam Axe got stuck in Miami. So we had to push [‘Bruce Vs. Frankenstein.’] Hopefully we’ll do it during the next break.”

Ah well. MTV also asked him if he had any idea of casting for the film and made his spill his lofty goals.

“No, but basically I want every horror movie icon in the movie. I want it
to be the ‘Mad, Mad, Mad World’ of horror movies.”

Nice. My Name is Bruce wasn’t the camp classic it could have been but a little more talent in front of the camera never hurt. Let’s hope he gets it off the ground soon.