Seems like almost everybody who ever had a credit on Smallville is coming back as the show wraps up its final season…nevermind whether or not their character is still alive or not.   It was already announced earlier in the year that John Schneider would be making a return appearance as Pa Kent; now Michael Ausiello reports that John Glover’s Lionel Luthor will be back; and  not just in some cameo flashback, but for at least two episodes, both of which are expected to air in November. Last time we saw Lionel in the flesh, it was splattered all over a sidewalk at the end of Season 7 thanks to Lex. 

Also announced to return in Season 10 are Laura Vandervoort (Kara), Michael Shanks (Hawkman) and James Marsters (Brainiac).  No word in what capacity Lionel Luthor will be making his resurrection.  Smallville returns to the CW on Fridays starting September 24th.

FYI, Erica Durance was always set to return as Lois.  I’m not actually sure why I used her picture rather than John Glover’s.  And the size of the picture used is sort of crowding out the text a bit.  Come to think of it, it’s really only tangentially related to the the content of the article at best.