One of the truly good and talented people from the web is branching out into the world of film, and under the guidance of Guillermo del Toro no less. That sounds like a sound  idea. I hear the guy is a good mentor and collaborator. Who is this razor sharp, super smart, and might I say hotter than hell human being?

Jovanka Vucovic, formerly of Rue Morgue and one of horror’s best and brightest on the web and beyond.

She’s partnered up with the busy Mexican for The Captured Bird, a short film from her wicked mind (though she’s a mommy now so it’s not TOTALLY wicked) inspired by a nightmare of hers as well as the works of the Brothers Grimm and H.P. Lovecraft.


With a good crew around her (including the amazing Spectral Motion FX boys) and Guillermo’s guidance, Jovanka’s project is going to get a lot of eyeballs and has already been accepted into several high profile horror film festivals.

Good on her. She deserves it. Check out the official site, proof positive that folks with a web background ought to be in charge of the online presence for flicks.