“Did Belushi send you?”

Maybe I’m a grumpy gentleman, but I just don’t get David Goyer. I mean, I ‘get’ that he’s become somewhat of a brand after having the good sense and good luck to be involved on some great projects but I don’t know exactly how much of his success is due to him. I know he’s written some interesting and fun movies and that good people [del Toro, Nolan, etc…] like to work with him. But for some reason I don’t know if he’s a legitimate creative force or something else.

His The Invisible (a remake he directed) is a nightmare. The Unborn (which he wrote and directed) feels very familiar and does little new aside from that amazing Usman ass shot. But there’s the Batmans and Blades and dozens of other geek properties he’s involved with too. Most importantly: He Wrote Demonic Toys.

He’s all over the place, and now he’s entering Guillermo territory with a series of novels he’s co-writing and has already sold the rights to. The series, all featuring Heavenly titles tells the tale astronauts, aliens, and meteors and it has been picked up by Warner Bros. That’ll continue his brand and foothold into a brave new world. A true multi-hyphenate.

For all the details head on over to Deadline and then come back here for the reacharound.

I’m in the minority on the man and I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like his Dark City, Blade Trinity, or the films mentioned above. Maybe I’m a jealous dick…

…but maybe I’m onto something. I just don’t know this fella’s voice is yet.