The delightful chaps over at JoBlo scored the poster for the upcoming suspenseful drama Stone, reuniting Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro after leaving audiences rapt with indifference in The Score. Norton looks hard as nails and DeNiro pensive as a bar of thoughtful soap there, all trapped behind letters and whatnot.

The X-factor is the alarming presence of Milla Jovovich front and center with her name all big and bad like she’s cut from the same cloth as the other two. Now, I would bet that her name is just as viable financially. As horrible as every single Resident Evil movies is, and they are total dogshit, it’s her franchise. DeNiro’s zombie franchise is Meet the Parents, but he has to share the stage with Ben Stiller and a bucket of human ashes. Norton’s franchise is The Incredible Hul-nevermind.

From a business perspective Milla makes sense. From a clout perspective, The Score being dry ass notwithstanding, nope.

But John Curran’s an interesting director and I want Stone to be good. The poster has a very 90’s vibe, but like most of you I know Norton’s still only scratching the surface of his potential and DeNiro can turn on a dime and still do great work. Plus, Milla was terrific in the underappreciated A Perfect Getaway.

Just be better than The Score please. PLEASE.