I kinda think we all knew this was coming.

THR is reporting (by way of NYT) that top brass at Facebook as seen “glimpses” of an early cut of Fincher’s The Social Network and asked for a few changes.

According to THR:  “One scene in particular is described as a possible deletion from the film’s final cut: A speech made by the character of Napster co-founder Sean Parker while in the background teenage girls offer lines of cocaine for partygoers to snort off their bared breasts.”


According to Rudin, Facebook chiefs asked for a lot more changes than they were given (including working in some details from David Kirkpatrick’s “The Facebook Effect” which, one would assume, would show the company in a much more favorable light) and he re-asserted that producers of the film took a lot of creative liberties with the characters and the backstory.

Some people may see this as the first step to turning The Social Network into what THR calls “corporate propaganda,” but I feel like it’s more Rudin’s way of playing the game and keeping Facebook on his side.