IFC Films just let us know that The Horde is finally out On Demand, and to celebrate they’ve released this new trailer. In case you’re wondering why there’s a fake movie trailer voice guy doing all the dialogue, it’s because the film is in perfect fucking French (that one’s for the Chris Moore fans) and we all know that no one wants to read subtitles! Ugh.

Still, as you will see, the film looks like a blast.

In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a gang of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt cops go on a rampage in a condemned building which serves as the mobsters’ hangout.  Now trapped, the officers are about to be executed when the unimaginable occurs: hordes of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic creatures invade the building, savagely attacking everyone.  Unexpected alliances are made when their lives are threatened by the unthinkable.

The plot and trailer actually makes it seem quite a bit like a more serious and bigger budgeted Mutant Vampire Zombies From The ‘Hood, which is definitely not a bad thing. Even though C. Thomas Howell automatically makes a movie better.

Check your cable providers to see if The Horde is playing and check ifcfilms.com for details.