A site called Showbiz Spy (which currently boasts the headline ‘Beyonce Admits She’s Messy!’) currently has an unsourced, undated and generally unreal feeling quote from Shia LaBeouf talking about Indiana Jones 5, which he says is a go. With him coming back as Fucking Mutt Williams (that’s his entire name).

“They’re script writing right now,” the site claims Shia says. “I got called into Steven’s office and he pitched a little bit to me and it sounds crazy, it sounds really cool.”

I don’t know that there is any story for Indiana Jones 5 that could get me excited at this point. The big news here, apparently, is that it confirms (if this quote is true and timely) that the next film will be a sequel to Crystal Skull and not a prequel, which would be a way of saving us from Fucking Mutt Williams.

Best part of this: no matter how much we whine in advance, we’ll all go see it.

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