I’m supremely excited for this movie. First of all, I find Ben Affleck to be quite the director. If you don’t like Gone Baby Gone you probably are one of those folks that can’t separate your personal feelings from the arts and wanted to dislike it. Plus, he’s done a lot better of a job with his acting choices and quality of performances since losing his way several years back.

But The Town looks solid. And hard. Check out this phenomenal trailer:

If you live in one of the cities below and want a crack at a pass to see this, use the link below and make sure to include your address and to answer the questions below:

1. What’s your take on Ben Affleck: The Filmmaker?

2. Who in the cast has you most jazzed?

3. If I sent you a t-shirt for the upcoming book I helped write (details here), would you send me a photo of you wearing it in public? If so, tell me your shirt size (L-XXXL, all out of M).

4. How many CHUD screenings have you been to in your life, if you had to guess?