Rarely does a great movie poster come out after the movie has already hit theatres, but there’s a new version of The Expendables one sheet for which somebody over at Term Life Insurance had to do some serious bean counting:

Nice.  Checking out the numbers here, while Lundgren has by far the biggest total, Stallone does redeem himself with three 70+ tallies.  Not surprisingly, those all come in his last three Rambo films.  Willis probably could have used a few more Mangalores to off; and who would have figured Statham was that busy in In The Name of the King of all films?  Li also puts in a nice total and relative newcomers Couture, Austin and Crews have to step up their game in the future.  Mickey Rourke should have killed a couple more of Justin Hammer’s guys, or just started firing indiscriminately into the crowd at the Stark Expo.

Anyway, I love everything about this poster and what it means to mankind. 

Thanks to Brian for the tip.