Before you write this film off based on your take on the work of James Patterson or the mediocre Morgan Freeman incarnations, take heed as this project lives pretty close to my heart:

  • CHUD favorite David Twohy [if you don’t appreciate last year’s A Perfect Getaway I don’t know to say] is directing it.

  • CHUD favorite (and a gentleman I have a few projects with) Lloyd Levin is producing, and it’s a project he’s spent a lot of time making happen and the guy’s taste is second to none.

  • CHUD favorite Idris Elba is the leading man in one of those very rare franchises built around a black guy, joining um… if Will Smith wants to make more than one film about a guy…

  • Belle Avery is a producer, and she’s the person who gave me my first film job.

  • Alex Cross is actually still quite a ripe character for film, despite the best efforts of Cary Elwes and Monica Potter.

Deadline broke the story about the film, one which will shoot in a great city in the early parts of next year. More as it comes.