Torchlight developer Runic Games has just released a trailer that spells out exactly what they’re doing for Torchlight II- listening to your issues and adding exactly what you want. It takes a lot of balls for a developer to include quotes from press and fans that talk about the worst parts of their game, but they really want to show how much they’ve improved things.

As you can see, the big change this time is co-op multiplayer. While Torchlight worked fine as a single player game, the inclusion of your friends can only enhance the experience, and exploring the new and even prettier world. The game will also feature customizable characters (from four different classes) and animal companions, new mods, random dungeons for you to explore, and of course, the return of fishing.

Runic Games is releasing Torchlight II as a digital download sometime in 2011. If you haven’t already grabbed up the first (perhaps during one of their numerous Steam sales), you should- it’s the closest thing to a new Diablo game you’re going to get, a dungeon roaming quest that’s incredibly hard to put down.