ShockTilYouDrop has premiered the trailer for Brad Anderson’s (The Machinist) new horror flic, The Vanishing on 7th Street, which begins with Hayden Christensen discovering – 28 Days Later style – that everyone in his city has vanished during a global blackout. Only there are no zombies here… it’s something else.

This marks Anderson’s first real foray into horror since the creepy vérité Session 9 (though he did one Masters of Horror and directed numerous episodes of Fringe), and it is frankly kind of fun to see him doing straight-up horror here. The trailer didn’t leave me chompin’ at the bit or anything, but Mr. Mope Christensen’s presence aside, it looks promising enough. Especially when you consider this bit STYD points out:

If you look closely, there’s a reference to “Croatoan” – a nod to the Roanoke Island colony disappearance in 1597 – which might be a clue as to where Anderson is going with this film.

I’m a nerd for shit like that.

Hmm… alas, the flash embed doesn’t seem to want to work. Hop over to STYD to watch the trailer.