you get older, you’ll find yourself saying “They just don’t make them
like that anymore” when referring to everything from power tools,
pick-up trucks, and especially to anything TV- or

Sometimes it’s based simply on nostalgia. 

But sometimes, like in the case of the original The Twilight Zone,
it’s based on fact.  The concept of an anthology sci-fi/horror
series had a resurgence in the ’80s and into the ’90s, but sadly has
not had much traction here in the Aughts.

Which is why it’s great news for fans of classic television that The Twilight Zone: Season 2
is hitting Blu-ray on November 16th.  Perfect timing for…
Thanksgiving?  Not normally a thrilling holiday, but at least
it’ll at least give you the time off needed to digest the nearly 13
hours of shows (not including all the extra content).

As per the Image Entertainment press release:

All 29 episodes from the legendary series’
second season have been remastered and will be presented in pristine 1080p
high-definition and uncompressed PCM audio. In addition, the 4-disc set also
includes many of the bonus features from the Definitive Collection DVD release,
along with hours of new bonus features, specially created for this Blu-ray™

special features look incredibly stacked — 25 new audio commentaries,
interviews with actors, vintage audio interviews, 15 radio dramas, and
more.  All this can be yours for $99.98.