For those who for whatever reason don’t know (foreign maybe?), “seven minutes in heaven” is a game junior high kids will play where a guy and girl (or the gay way) are randomly selected and forced to make out in a closet for seven minutes.

I played the game once in high school and it was an awful experience. I was at a party and some assholes shoved me into the closet with a female friend of mine. I knew she had a crush on me, but there was this other girl I liked… anyway we started making out, as is the point of the game, then I got overly excited and accidentally clawed up her back really bad. Then later on my dad revealed to me that I was a werewolf – oh wait. That’s Teen Wolf. Sorry. I’ve never played “seven minutes in heaven.” But in a year or so I might get to see another movie about it!

Heat Vision is reporting that JJ Abrams’s company Bad Robot is developing a thriller based on the aforementioned teenage party game – currently titled 7 Minutes In Heaven – from an idea by regular Lost director Jack Bender. Bad Robot is looking for a writer for the project; all that is currently known about the “story” is that it involves two teens entering a closet to play the game, and when they exit seven minutes later… all their friends are dead! Dun dun dunnn! Then Walt shows back up and Hurley says “dude” a few times.

This is a pretty stupid idea for a movie. Though it’s so stupid that I think I kinda like it. Regardless of how this film turns out (if it even makes it past the script stage – I wouldn’t be surprised if all Bender pitched them was the set up) I do like that Abrams is consistently fostering weirdo films. If 7 Minutes in Heaven does make it all the way to production, as long as the kids in it are at least 75% more likable than the hipster wastoids from Cloverfield, I’m sure I can be suckered into seeing it. But so help me, if I get some more annoying hipsters, I’ll start raging out, like back in college when I joined the boxing team, and then I found out I was a werewolf… wait. Teen Wolf Too. Sorry.