Yeah, well, it’s not like James has been around much lately…

Purvis and Wade, who have penned the last four Bond movies, one of them the very best and one of them among the worst, are still slated to resume the relationship whenever Bond gets out of MGM jail.  In the meantime, they’ve landed their next gig, according to  The duo have signed onto an as-yet-untitled thriller for Michael Lieber, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald.  The story takes place among the nomadic Taureg tribes of West
Africa, an area rich with uranium that has become a focal point for
both energy companies and terrorist states. An American anthropologist
is thrust Into this geopolitical mess when he must travel back to the
Sahara to help a former research subject who has been accused of a
terrorist attack.  “At its heart, this is an action movie set within a world that is
morally complex, alluring and completely real — which is why Robert
and Neal, whose work spans James Bond to John Le Carre, are uniquely
suited to bring a project like this to life,” said Parkes.

Purvis and Wade also have the sequel to their 2005 comedy, Johnnny English, Johnny English Reborn on tap for 2011.