Today as I tried to avoid work for a few minutes I saw on Twitter (follow me) people starting to post about all six Star Wars films coming to Blu Ray and for the briefest of moments I was happy. I’ve banished most of my DVDs, and I was so disillusioned with the franchise by the time the “we’ll give you the original films in their original conditions and not improve the presentation” versions were released so I haven’t seen the real Star Wars movies in a good long time. The pull of the franchise is so strong and so hardwired to my youth that I almost got excited. Then reality sunk in.

For a percentage of the populace, a new format isn’t legit until the Star Wars movies hit it. UMD never made it. HD-DVD the same. Star Wars on Blu Ray will sell more players than any other lone I.P.

And now it’s coming, per and The New York Times.

In addition to being remastered in the manner which folks would expect from Blu Ray (I like the image quality but I’m still not super thrilled with the menus and special features presentations), the films will feature never before scenes from the original trilogy including the famous one where we see Luke Skywalker building his sexy green lightsaber. That’s kind of cool, but it will not be inserted into the film [because Lucas only inserts dogshit into his old movies] and be a special feature. There will be other never before seen things. It is not confirmed if the untouched original films will be available or if it’ll just be the dogshit prequels and dogshit special editions. What is for sure is that they’ll have cool news features and probably some of the cool features from the older DVD editions. What is for sure is that they’ll arrive in 2011. What is for sure is that most of us will probably sucker up and buy them and then hate ourselves for it. What is for sure is that even after eleven (more if you count the special editions) years it still stings that the only sure thing in the movie world went tits up in a flash.

I don’t mean to piss on your cake if you still love Star Wars and salivate at the idea of a Blu Ray. Then again, if you’re still a fan now there’s nothing on Heaven or Earth that can challenge your mettle.
More as it comes.