For those that don’t know, I’m in the middle of helping Patrick Ripoll create his biopic. It’s not a normal biopic, so much as it’s an exercise in seeing how far you can take the bizarre and still have an end product that makes sense.

You might ask why would I work so hard to make a biopic about Patrick Ripoll? Well, I believe that the Internet is the last source of true democracy on this forsaken mudball of a planet. Everyone tries to fence in natural talent and come up with ways to market it, sell it and control it. When I was first introduced to Ripoll, I found a fresh young face that said enough.

He was going to break the rules and challenge the shaky boundaries of your logic. If all three planned seasons of “Young Master Ripoll” goes well, then I will have been able to achieve something that has never been achieved before. Through the combined efforts of Ripoll and myself, we will have ruined the Internet. There will be no hope for any sense of decorum or proper thought after this series. Everything will just break down into two epochs. The time before Young Master Ripoll and the new Odyssey of the Mind that was birthed into the world after the original airdate.

Below, you’ll find a mockup of the show’s opening credits. Stay tuned, people. There will be more.