We realize here at CHUD that we’re reaching critical mass with the Scott Pilgrim output, what with posters, the excellent reviews from Nick and Devin, as well as Andrea Rothe’s insightful editorial, but we’ve got one last delightful treat to share with you on the subject of Mr. Pilgrim.

Monday night, The Historic Plaza Theater in Atlanta hosted a preview screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World for a truly wonderful crowd of folks. There were the expected comic fanatics with costumes and dyed hair, there were those enthusiastic but unfamiliar viewers (you can count me amongst them), and there were even a significant number of olds that probably didn’t know what they were getting into. It was glorious.

After a spectacular screening of the spectacular film with a spectacularly responsive audience, CHUD’s own Nick Nunziata moderated a question and answer panel with director Edgar Wright, and stars Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman. All three gentleman knocked the audience off their socks with their charm and humor, and Edgar just didn’t quit with the insanely interesting stories and thoughts on just what was going on in his mind as he constructed a next-generational classic. All the while I was frolicking about the facility taking photos and capturing video to share with chewers across the world!

Below you’ll find the first of many CHUD TV videos to come. We think we’ve started things off with a bang in terms of quality and content, and those will only continue to improve with time. Feel free to load it up in full 1080p and fill your screen with the goddamn!

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I want to give a special thanks to Mr. David Wagner for getting some great pictures of the special guests during the Q&A, and coming through with a hell of a CF card save.

Recorded during the Atlanta screening of SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD on August 9th, 2010

Q&A Moderated by Nick Nunziata
Photos, Video, Editing by Renn Brown
Additional Stills by David Wagner

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Courtesy of Universal Pictures, Allied Entertainment, and The Historic Plaza Theatre.

Special thanks to Edgar Wright, Michael Cera, and Jason Schwartzman.