Like an army wife, fans of Terrence Malick always need to prepare themselves for the possibility that each mission could be the last. I was a little surprised we only had to wait five years between The New World and his upcoming Brad Pitt/Sean Penn joint, The Tree of Life. Then, instead of waiting to see if he’d drift off quietly into the ether, the former Salinger-of-cinema snuck up on us all and revealed that he is gearing up on another film before Tree of Life even hits theaters.

The untitled project was announced at the Berlin Film Festival, with a reported cast of Christian Bale, Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko. The story remains unknown, but was described as a “romantic drama” and a “powerful and moving love story.” Now TheWrap is reporting that Rachel Weisz and Ben Affleck have been added to the cast. Weisz is confirmed, Alffleck, who is reportedly replacing Christian Bale, has not officially said anything one way or the other.

Hopefully this is a sign that Malick in maybe entering the same filmmaking phase as Ridley Scott – the “I’m Old I Better Hurry Up” phase, as the scholars dub it. Malick’s work since he emerged from the wilderness has been a little polarizing, but regardless if you love him or not, I think we could all benefit from an increased productivity in his output.

source: TheWrap