The man who won your heart with Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and countless contributions to countless other projects has Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (my review) opening up tomorrow and to celebrate that he will be a guest on the live incarnation of our show in less than an hour.

Edgar was recently here in Atlanta with the mustachioed and sexy Jason Schwartzman and the lithe and dreamy Michael Cera for a screening and Q&A (moderated by my stocky ass) and the response from the local crew (as I knew it would be) to the film was loud and overwhelmingly positive.

Expect a nice video piece late tonight or early tomorrow on Scott Pilgrim, the first of our now ongoing video segments that will be appearing on CHUD and our secret new sister site opening in November.

Until then, tune in at 2:00pm to listen live and if you want to call in and ask Edgar a question, give it a shot at  1 (347) 826-9101.

Listen right below if you want to !