Witness unspeakable horrors in this poster for The Last Lovecraft : Relic of Cthulhu, which is about to play at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival alongside other hotly anticipated horror flicks like The Last Exorcism, Robogeisha, and of course, The Human Centipede.

The story of a bunch of geeks who band together to fight Lovecraftian
sea creatures and stop them from ending the world, Henry Saine’s debut is already getting a ton of buzz as a horror/comedy to watch. It definitely looks like a much sillier take on the material than ever attempted before- whether that’s a good or a bad thing is all up to you.

The film is playing in Toronto tomorrow at 6:59pm, with cast and crew in attendance to do a Q&A and give out monster masks such as those featured in the trailer below. Check thelastlovecraft.com for more!