What little I know of Bangladesh seems impressive when compared with what little I know of Bangladeshi cinema. Today has been a day of enlightenment though! Thanks to the in’erwebs I’ve discovered that the Bangladesh film industry produces 100 movies a year, with an average budget of 6,500,000 taka (roughly $93,000) and is affectionately refereed to as Dhallywood (from capital city Dhaka). I’ve also seen what this country’s cinema has to offer.

HALKa (alternately referred to as HULKA) is TaaR CHeeRA EntertainmenT’s [sic] deliriously cheesy Incredible Hulk parody, which according to the company’s “website” tells the story of:

A young boy named Halka with poor height (4.5 ft) became a green monster (16ft). All the bad boys who used to beat him….are in danger now. Something very wrong is gonna happen in city. You don’t have to wait….he will come soon. “HALKa” a dangerous comedy short film.

“Dangerous comedy.” I love it. I think Ang Lee’s Hulk could’ve really gone places if it had featured Bana getting ass-rammed with a pitchfork. I wish these guys well. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll soon be seeing trailers for TaaR CHeeRA’s THARa and IraN MaM, and then if all goes as planned, ThE AVANGARSa.

A simple boy can dream.