In the supergeek and online circles, Cloverfield was as much known for its complex and detailed viral campaign as for the movie itself. While the famous campaign for The Dark Knight was a large scale effort that impressively capitalized on the themes and tone of the film, the campaign for Cloverfield actually communicated narrative and backstory. Far more than is present in the actual film, in fact. So will JJ’s new secretive project, Super 8 live up in terms of pre-release hype, and story augmentation?

JoBlo caught onto a new development in one part of the campaign that has been going for months now. It began with a countdown website, that allowed you to enter command prompts…

which eventually spat out two pieces of old newspaper.

The dudes at Super 8 News
have kept up closely with the progress, and eventually figured out
secret codes embedded in the clippings.  The most recent development
involves actual letters being sent to those who deciphered the website, the letters
based around a fictional ice-pop straight out of the 50s, endorsed by
astronaut “Coop” Cooper.

If you’re into this kind of thing, you might want to consider hopping on now before this campaign gets too deep. Who knows- you may end up walking in and out of Super 8 actually knowing what the hell happened!

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