If Fallout: New Vegas disappoints wastelanders this October, it won’t be for a lack of notable voice talent. USA Today’s “Game Hunters” revealed the F:NV celebrity talent roster, which not only includes faithful series standby Ron Perlman, but also Vegas icon Wayne Newton. But neither of those can top the most surprising name on the list:

In stark contrast to Newton’s disembodied radio DJ character, the ever-haggard Kris Kristofferson will play the role of a worn out vet. The list isn’t out of surprises, though: William Sadler goes Westworld as New Vegas’ friendly cowboy android, and Danny Trejo will appear as playable sidekick ‘Raoul the Ghoul.’ They’ll be joined by Michael Dorn, Chuck‘s Zachary Levi, and The Wire‘s John Doman, along with the mystifying pick of Matthew Perry as a wisecracking crime boss. Why not?

Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas arrives in North America on October 19th.