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What I’m Thankful For

Neighborhood theatres with no frills, affordable matinees.

Digital projection is great.  Stadium seating highly convenient.  IMAX, though it’s been quite a few years, I remember as being awe-inspiring.  3D films?  Well, the only one I’ve seen in this recent blitz of third dimension was Avatar, and that was certainly amazing.  All these recent and not-so-recent innovations in the movie-going experience really do heighten the experience of being taken to some far off adventure for a couple of hours.  Know what else they heighten?  Even the the regular flicks in regular theatres?  The hit to your wallet.  I live in LA.  We have a number of cutting edge and notable theatres such as the Arcllight, the Bridge, The Grove, the original Grauman’s Chinese, several IMAX and digital projection theatres.  Stadium seating is becoming the rule rather than the exception.  And all of them almost mandate a refi on your mortgage in order to enjoy.

I love going to movies.  I’ve been doing it on my own for 25 years and it’s one of the few pleasures that remains (generally) unspoiled by my impending decrepitness.  But due to ever-rising ticket prices here in the city, where you’re paying for the opportunity to wear those 3D glasses, or the ultra modern theatres, who charge anywhere from $10 to as much as $18 dollars, I find more and more that I can get by quite nicely with the no frills approach. 

There’s a theatre not two miles from my home that charges $6 for a matinee, and that’s up till 6:00 PM daily.  They even go as low as $5 for the first show on occasion.  The place is a little older, sort of run down, but not at shithole status quite yet, and the projectors still get the film up on the screen in acceptable manner.  There’s no stadium seating and some of theatres are about the size of a studio apartment I had for years.  But you know what?  I saw Inception there just last weekend and it was great.  Parking is free, and easy to get in and out.  The theatre wasn’t overly crowded, and I know if I saw it in one of the bigger Hollywood moviehouses, the picture may have been even more immaculate, but the extra hassles with which I’d likely have had to deal, such as bigger crowds, and tickets for twice or three times the price, wouldn’t have been anywhere near as worth it.

I grew up in fairly small town that had theatres that weren’t state of the art.  I saw so many movies in them I couldn’t begin to count them.  I still appreciate the neighborhood cinemas.  I especially appreciate the ease and the affordability.  I’m pretty meat-and-potatoes when it comes to seeing movies.  The filet mignon of the digital projection, stadium seating and all the other bells and whistles in the modern movie joints is fantastic, but generally not something in which I need to indulge every trip to the movies.  So give me a good neighborhood theatre at a reasonable price and I’m always good to go.