bit of news and rumor about the strange and secretive project the
Wachowski Brothers are producing has been reported with as much
confusion as fact. There was the baffling tweet from Ariana Huffington a
few months back that sent a wave of rumors- though it turned out simply to be a camera test. While we at least get an actual title out of this story –Cobalt Neutral 9Deadline is reporting that the project will likely remain
extremely secretive, even as it begins to accumulate cast members. The
info comes their piece about the overall Hollywood trend of keeping more
and more scripts secret, even from the actors who are auditioning.

Cobalt Neutral 9
which we know is a romance story about an American soldier and an
Iraqi, continues to be described as a controversial, R-rated love story.
The structure apparently
starts in the future and moves backwards throughout the Iraq War, with a
verite/documentary feel.The only thing else out there is this tweeting
French guy who wasn’t a fan of the script all the way back in

The brothers are shopping the project around, so expect to hear more if/when it gets picked up.

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