The ENTIRE INTERNET shat its pants over the news of an upcoming remake of An American Werewolf of London last year, but it might be about to leave a few drops of urine in there as well.

According to the L.A. Times, Dimension films is in talks with The Number 23 writer Fernley Phillips to write the script.

The paper doesn’t reveal anything else about the film besides the fact that it will be given “a modern spin”, whatever the hell that means. (Perhaps they lose cell phone reception when they don’t stick to the road? Oops.) The paper also mentions Twilight far more many times than necessary (ie, more than 0) when referencing the great werewolf film of our time.

Perhaps we’ll see if they can at least attempt a better werewolf transformation, since the original still has the greatest one in the history of film, in this author’s quite humble opinion. More as we hear it…