As far as continuing on with the characters from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, they could’ve done a whole lot worse.  Like Still Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Or a spin-off with Paul Rudd’s clueless surfer character.

(I’d say some horror-comedy involving the Dracula puppet play might have some promise, but original star-scribe Jason Segel already saw that opportunity and went with the Muppets instead.)

Get Him To The Greek did decently at the box office, but didn’t quite capture the zeitgeist like its predecessor.  I remember laughing pretty hard at a number of parts, although I have vague memories of what those moments were.

Which means it’s perfect time to relive the hilarity of Jonah Hill and Russell Brand’s international adventures as they try to make their way from London to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles when Get Him To The Greek drops on both Blu-ray and DVD on September 28th.

All editions come with both the unrated and original theatrical versions of the movie, and seem pretty loaded with extras. The Blu-ray comes with special features not found on the DVD version, including actual auditions, karaoke with “15 outrageous songs” (not sure if any of those are Aldous Snow originals, but I would hope so), extended scenes, and instant access to stream a free, bonus movie — Uncle Buck (yes!), Dazed and Confused, or Life — if you have an Internet-connected Blu-ray player and Pocket-Blu or BD-Live.  The special edition Blu-ray and DVD both have feature commentaries with just about everyone involved, Infant Sorrow music videos, documentaries, and alternate intros and endings.