Those who keep a keen eye trained on the lists of well-regarded yet un-produced scripts may be checking off a biggie- Honeymoon with Harry seems to have encountered renewed heat as of late according to Deadline. A script well known for being as well written as it is hard to classify, Honeymoon centers around two men who are grieving over the same deceased woman –one was her father, the other her fiance– and their long-standing hatred for each other ignites when they run into each other on the same beach (the father is there to spread her ashes, while the fiance is there to drown his sorrow at their planned honeymoon destination).

Written by Paul Haggis, the script is based on a book that was optioned (but not published) in 2004. Haggis took over as director and nearly got the project going with Vince Vaughn and Jack Nicholson. The failure of New Line and the writer’s strike killed the project until Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro (who apparently enjoyed their time together on The Dark Fields) showed interest recently and brought new life to the script. Jonathan Demme (Rachel Getting Married) is looking into the project as a possible directorial vehicle.

Beyond some apparent script readings with Cooper and De Niro in NY, nothing is certain, but it’s the surest signs of life for this script in some time.

Hope that this is better for De Niro than Mother Fockers on the CHUD Message Boards.