Sure, you might be able to control him once in a while during a versus match, but now you can play with Left 4 Dead 2‘s Tank whenever you like.

This beast of a figure was created in a limited edition of 300 by Gaming Heads, stands 15 inches tall and costs a whopping 325 big ones. The description gives us a little more insight into the bruiser’s mentality.

The Tank has been heavily mutated by a strain of the infection. It has developed immense, thick muscles that not only indicate its incredible strength and endurance, but make it nearly bulletproof, resulting in extreme fire-power being needed to take one down. Its mind has also been heavily affected, making it extremely bloodthirsty.

The Tank has been faithfully recreated, posed having just smashed through a reinforced door. Its eyes have been painted with luminous paints that glows in the dark giving him a frenzied infected look.

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if you want one of your own.