Well, it’s not quite a sequel to Troma’s underrated slasher masterpiece Mother’s Day, but it’ll do. Father’s Day is Troma’s latest in-house production,a tale of one man seeking revenge against a serial rapist who killed his father. The film will be directed by Adam Brooks with Lloyd Kaufman  producing.

Along with this little teaser poster, Troma has also posted this trailer online. Here’s a hint- don’t watch this at work, unless they approve of nudity, genital mutilation, rape, and of course, some good ol’ head crushings. (What Troma film would be complete without at least one?)


Expect Father’s Day to hit sometime in 2011! Bring the family! Along with Darren “Saw” Bousman’s  Mother’s Day
, the big
budget Toxie remake
, and a fifth in-house Toxic Avenger, it sure seems like Troma’s been all over the place lately.

Might I recommend checking out Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead if you haven’t already? It’s available for free on Hulu right now, if you don’t mind commercials.