A couple of months back it was announced that Looney Tunes would be returning in animated short form to theaters to promote a new series on Cartoon Network. While the series sounds terrible (Daffy and Bugs as roommates or some shit) and the new shorts are 3D CGI creations, I enoyed watching the half-a-minute taste embedded below, and could certainly see the 3D being a lot of fun. I’m interested though, if they manage to maintain the old school tone throughout the entire short, beyond the one gag we see.

There are two more shorts set to be released with Legend of the Guardians and Yogi Bear respectively, while the current short is showing before Cats & Dogs 2. The ultimate goal is obviously to get kiddy eyes on the new TV show, but I hope they release these online or in some capacity that doesn’t force me to pay for Cats & Dogs 2: Pussy Something Or Other or Yogi Bear.

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(via /Film)